Science-based policy

A solid, science-based framework that balances both risks and benefits in policy-making decisions is what the EU needs.
Decision should be based on risk assessment and management supported by scientific evidence and expertise

Building a science-based policy framework that balances risks and benefits

Reinforce a science-based approach to policy-making:
Europe needs to enhance the interaction between science and policy-making by: Providing a formal role to the Chief Scientific Adviser (CSA) for the EU institutions to review the use of scientific evidence in risk management legislation, regulation or administrative decisions, and require further scientific assessment where appropriate;
  • Supporting the EU CSA with a network of Scientific Advisers in all Commission Services and in all Member States;
  • Creating a more inclusive model for scientific assessment that relies on full use of scientific evidence and expertise in risk evaluation and decision-making, including input from academia, the public and the private sector (industry scientists);
  • Enhancing public understanding of science through improved education and communication.

R&D investment is shifting out of Europe2

R&D investment is shifting out of EuropeBalance risks and benefits in policy-making:
EU policies and regulations should be built on a risk-based approach to provide a more suitable framework that balances risks and benefits of proposed policy decisions. We call for a change in pesticides legislation and policy-making to ensure that decisions are based on a full evaluation of the risks and benefits.

Improve coordination between risk assessment and management:
We need to ensure a more predictable, science-based regulatory process. This requires greater coordination between risk assessment (EFSA) and risk management (Commission and Member States). The European Parliament and the Council should also reflect this approach in their decision-making.
Enjoy benefits
"The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom" (Isaac Asimov)
2 Source: "R&D trends for chemical crop protection products and the position of the European Market", Phillips McDougall (2013)
3 Source: R&D investment in relation to turnover Phillips McDougall (2012), European Innovation Scoreboard (2013)