Five steps to promote innovation competitiveness and sustainable productivity.

Innovation Agricultural productivity
Science Smarter regulation
Consistent policies
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How do we find a way to sustainably feed our rapidly growing population? With our natural resources getting scarcer every year, this is one of society's greatest challenges. And efficient management is key. We need to fundamentally change the European Union’s approach to policy-making so that it can meet this challenge, remain competitive in the global market, and become a leader in agricultural innovation. By innovating today, we can meet the challenges of tomorrow.
  • Balance risks and benefits in policy-making
  • Reinforce a science-based approach to policy-making
  • Improve coordination between risk assessment and management
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Smarter regulation
  • Run a regulatory fitness check of the crop protection sector
  • Improve impact assessment in policy-making
  • Implementing smarter and better regulation
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Consistent policies
  • The EU should ensure consistency between regulation, policies and international agreements.
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  • Adopt an Innovation Principle in EU decision-making
  • Reinforce protection of intellectual property rights
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Agricultural productivity
  • The EU must boost agricultural competitiveness and productivity in a sustainable way
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